We just came back from Sicily. I fell in love with the place. The scents from Cyprus trees, bougainvillea, jasmine, azalea, and citrus groves blended with freshly baked pastries and seafood. The colorful handmade ceramics, local robust wines, and specialty dishes (such as pasta with squid ink). Ancient hilltop cities dotted with baroque & Doric architecture lent sprawling views of Sicily--it's turquoise seas, cobblestone streets, alleyways...

The day we arrived and the night we left, mount Etna (Europe's largest active volcano) erupted, spurting lava into the sky, and leaving a blazing trail--to bid us hello and farewell.

On our second day in Sicilia, it occurred to me that this would be the best place to have a destination wedding. So many options to choose from, unforgettable scenery, people, tastes, smells. Pure dolce far niente lifestyle. A girl can dream..

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