It's not often you get to see your priest or rabbi riding a dragon on a carousel at your wedding! Relive your childhood in this magical setting -- all guests are free to use the carousel when you rent out the Lighthouse Point Park Carousel. With 69 horses, 1 camel, and 2 dragon chariots, the carousel's outer rim has original oil paintings of mermaids, New Haven's local scenes, boats, trains, and lighthouses. The pavilion's interior is decorated with pastoral paintings and beveled mirrors. The park itself is 84 acres on the harbor's southernmost point. 

A straight shot from Grand Central, NY to New Haven, CT, this is a truly unique, historical venue. The ceremony takes place outside on the beach (just a few steps from the carousel) and the reception is held in the carousel space itself (see floor plan image). 

It's a completely blank slate and you have almost free reign of catering, liquor, and there's lots of free parking. While you can choose your own caterer (and thus cost) and the site fee is relatively low, you have to bring in everything (they provide tables and chairs but the chairs are apparently "dingy" so you might consider renting them). You may consider a wedding planner but the possibilities are endless here!

Location: New Haven, Connecticut 
Availability: April 1st to November 1st
Venue Type: Outdoor, Unique
Capacity: 275 guests
Reception: Outdoor on the beach with no indoor backup
Number of Events per day: 1

Time: 6 PM onAccommodation: Nearby
Bridal Suite: No
Catering Cost: Choose own caterer - must have insurance caterer; must obtain a license from the City of New Haven Health Department and present it to the events coordinator prior to the event.
Site Fee: $2,700-$3,200

Deposit: $500
Things to note: Final fee will be assessed based on hours needed and number of CT park security and staff needed (security required when liquor is served); may need additional administrative and permit fees; Decorations or signs may not be taped, glued, nailed, stapled or attached in any way to any part of the facility including the walls, windows or ceilings. Candles, fog machines, confetti and Silly String are strictly prohibited. Only free-standing or table-top decorations may be used; wheel-chair accessible; bathrooms are only outside but come with an attendant; may be beach-goers milling about. 
Website: - 
Contact: Events Coordinator - Sabrina Bruno - 203.946.8327

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  1. I really liked your post and I think this is some extraordinary thought to get married. Can you please send me exact location and is this one of the New York Wedding Venues.