It reminds me of the Rialto Bridge (Ponte di Rialto) in Venice.

I never specified what ring I wanted prior to our engagement, except that I've always thought that a round brilliant cut diamond is timeless & classic. Mark popped the question on a black sand beach in St. Lucia (I foiled his original plan, but that's another story).

The ring we got is shown above. It's a Tacori Crescent except set higher. We got it customized at Michael C. Fina on 5th Avenue. Justin helped us out along the way. This design wasn't available when we got it--but it looks like Tacori's now added it as one of their designs (HT2513RD7512X)! I am absolutely in love with it--it has at once an heirloom vintage feel & a certain unassuming intricacy.

I'll post photos of it when my good friend (photographer extraordinaire, co-founder of our company & bridesmaid!) Sophie Elgort photographs it. Once we get married, I'm going to get it engraved with our wedding date & initials!!


  1. What a beautiful ring! It’s a good idea to have your initials engraved. It will make the ring twice as special. Congratulations and best wishes on your wedding day!

    Rochel Faltus

  2. That is one beautiful engagement ring! I’m sure this ring is very important to you, since it came from someone who loves you dearly, next to your wedding band of course. I love the intricate design and the setting of this precious jewelry. I guess the jeweler got inspired with the two of you, he decided to add this design to his line! I’m positive that many will fall in love with it.

    Bridget Rossi

  3. I have to agree that your engagement ring is quite lovely! And like the Rialto Bridge, this ring has the romanticism of the Ponte di Rialto of Venice. But whatever this ring represents to you, I’m pretty sure that everlasting love is part of it.

    Kimmy Barnes

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